GMA, great platform to exchange perspectives



“Let’s keep on going, let’s keep accelerating success…if things are working let it be, let it go, if it’s not working change it dramatically” – Former President Fox


I was truly glad to be part of the GMA Leadership Forum held at Colorado. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is the voice of more than 300 leading food, beverage and consumer product companies that sustain and enhance the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people in the United States and around the globe. The forum was focused on the big challenges that this industry are facing in order to come up with solutions and opportunities for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.




The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) founded in 1908; Furthermore representing organizations leading food, beverage and consumer products companies. This event has been taken over 100 years, and in this occasion I was part of this magnificent event.

"I truly believe that today we have a much better world thanks to globalization. We have a more equitable world that seeks more balance and equity. This event seek the empowerment of producers giving them the best tools and information in order to make better choices and lead healthier lives".

As times goes by, food, beverage, and consumer product industry is evolving and the characteristics of consumers are changing, as in any industry they need constant innovation to overpass challenges and provide proper opportunities. We need leaders that choose a better option, not nationalism and protectionism, we have to think in our people and seek better opportunities for them.




The main goal of the event was to gather every decision maker and bring together North Americans to push froward ideas and insights for the industry innovation. Indeed, it's very important to have a civilized debate.


I shared stage with Nigel Farage, the British politician and broadcaster, during our debate we discussed the current situation of global stage. In spite of our different perspectives of the situation I'm glad we can have a civilized conversation to exchange points of views and give the audience different perspectives.



Every global leaders and governments need to be wide open in this matter, not false prophets like Trump who wants to play his own game without understanding the rules of the market and wants to returns, to a nationalism view where he apparently wins for his own benefit but ultimately loses to the global trend.


The GMA Leader Forum has been the space for great personalities like Former President George W. Bush, Sec. Condoleezza Rice, Peyton Manning, Colin Powell, David Stern, Stanley McChrystal, and Peter Diamandis, among others. I was truly honored to be part of this forum.


Thank you all.




Lic. Vicente Fox Quesada

Presidente de México del 2000 - 2006


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