CannaMexico World Summit 2018 takes a look at the cannabis industry at CannaTalks



San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato a 31 de Mayo del 2018.– On the second day of the CannaMexico World Summit, we seek to enrich the knowledge of the cannabis industry through brief talks (known as CannaTalks) by experts in the industry and some cases of personal experiences with the use of cannabis.

Dr. Ignacio Romero, of the Regional Hospital of Querétaro, opened the CannaTalks session at the Cannabis World Summit: CannaMexico, with the talk "Palliative care and the use of cannabis against pain". Dr. Romero is a specialist in palliative care and one of the pioneers in the introduction of morphine to the Mexican medicinal market to alleviate the suffering of patients.

In the topic of medicinal Cannabis, Dr. Romero asks actions to be taken towards the patient's active care for himself, his family and society. "You have to listen to the patient and the family to be ready for change as a society."




As a sequel, the talk "Cannabinoids against diabetes", by Dr. Rubén Pagaza and Mrs. Aida Araceli Gutiérrez, founder of the Esperanza Foundation for Emili, who told the public that she has diabetes, and therefore, the conditions that this disease entails. Thanks to the cannabis-based treatment that Dr. Pagaza has prescribed, Aida has gone from 12 daily medications to practically not taking any medication.




Your testimony is very important, since 10% of adults worldwide suffer from the same disease. Knowing that cannabis has the potential to relieve symptoms, Aida says: "We have the task of sensitizing the population with diabetes", to which Dr. Pagaza added: "I call for the use of medicinal cannabis for these treatments."

Now, how do legal and production perspectives coexist, if one depends on another? Well then, the two following talks touched on issues of legalization and cultivation, entitled "Medicinal cannabis and legislation: scope and limitations", by Dr. Raúl Porras, who affirms that the health sector is not interested in learning how to apply cannabis medicinal, while the talk "The revolution of Cannabis cultivation", by Jorge Cervantes - who due to the great response of the first day of this summit, repeated his lecture - saying that Mexico must hurry because it has everything to be a power in this industry.




Undoubtedly, during CannaMexico we learned about legal, health and productive issues. However, it was not until Jason Fowler, from MJ Freeway, gave the talk "Importance of Big Data in the cannabis industry", where we learned what role the information technologies in this industry.




"From the seed to the sale", is the slogan of Jason, who says that thanks to Big Data it is possible to monitor the entire cannabis process: from planting to arrival on the shelves, investing enough time in deep research for its application in medicinal matter. "If we know it's beneficial, why not investigate it more to use it without fear?", said Jason.




The world market for cannabis has a value of $ 31 billion. How do you manage to control all this capital flow? MJ Freeway achieves this through information technologies, big data applied to public safety, consumer or patient safety and product safety, thanks to the world's most extensive database of cannabis, they can know the amount of resources generated, who is buying and selling (legally), the categories and performance of each strain, etc.




This is very interesting both for entrepreneurs who are already in the industry, and those who seek to enter it. However, in the research sector, Dr. Colin Scott of FarmaWest BioMed, in his talk on "Techniques of micro technical sampling", assured that there is no way to keep track of universal cannabis tests, and therefore, can not be prescribed due to its various active components.




The last two talks focused on research aspects: "CBD What is it, benefits and how to research it?" by Jamie Baumgarther of Panacea Life Sciences, who explained one of the main components of cannabis, cannabidiol; and Mr. Ricardo Pérez of Grupo MidLog, closed the session of CannaTalks with his talk "Considerations for the importation processes", giving recommendations to carry out the import of products to Mexico.

In this way, the content program of CannaMexico is concluded, learning from the cannabis industry in its different sectors. These visions, without doubt, are useful for Mexico to develop the potential of the industry in the country.





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