CannaMexico World Summit opens the dialogue to legalization



"As citizens, it is our duty to discuss, inform and ask in order to have the complete package of this paradigmatic change. Mexico is late to this new industry, we must get acquainted with the future", said Vicente Fox at the opening of the first cannabis summit in Mexico.

San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato, May 30, 2018.- More than 800 attendees attended the first block of International Experiences, with the conference ´Opening the dialogue to break paradigm´, where Lic. Vicente Fox Quesada mentioned that "Fortunately, inside of CannaMexico, we'll have the opportunity to have in detail: stories of success and failure to take their experience as an example (...) We should not be afraid of the Cannabis industry; it is important to stop seeing it as a criminal industry, despite that paradigm."




Participants of international stature presented ideas that the general public expected, such as Julio Sánchez and Tepoz, Federal Commissioner for Protection Against Health Risks, who made the reflection that the prohibition of Cannabis lasted 90 years. In 1846 it was established how cannabis should be used and, from there, you could see the distinction of its types. In those times it could already be used in the (regulated) apothecary, if there were security elements to make cannabis products. Then came the political movements that led to the prohibition of various medicinal plants. "This is how we have lived for the past 90 years: without a scientific basis, and this has happened with many plants," he said.




Mario Emilio Gutiérrez Caballero, CEO of COFEMER, said that his institution's mission is to improve the quality of laws, simplify their processes and supervise regulatory commissions. "In conclusion, our job is to carry out the questioning," he said. "It's not easy. There are regulations whose analysis is more difficult than another. So this regulation is very important, but with many angles of analysis."




Dr. Guillermo Torre Amione, Rector of TecSalud (Tecnológico de Monterrey), took the opportunity to tell a personal anecdote, when 12 years ago he had been invited to Centro Fox where he met Lech Walesa, President of Poland from 1990 to 1995, and both talked with Vicente Fox about the breaking of paradigms, about how both presidents brought a disruption to their respective countries: the beginning of democracy in Mexico and the fall of communism in Poland.
If these ruptures were possible thanks to the direct contributions of the people, he pointed out that events like CannaMexico had the possibility of breaking the paradigms of this medicinal plant, uniting academic perspective and market scientific studies.




"There is a great opportunity in Mexico, a great development opportunity for well-written and well-regulated pharmaceutical medicinal uses for this industry", said Cheryl Shuman, founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and CEO of her own company, one of the key players in the meeting, being its presence of important relevance between the stands of exhibitors and the panels.




"Great things can happen to Mexicans; great things, in fact, have begun to happen to them", said who is considered the Martha Stewart of Cannabis, "I have witnessed the poverty and the situation of drug trafficking in Mexico. This can be corrected with the legalization and export of this magnificent plant."



John Davis, representing the National Cannabis Industry Association, said that Mexico has the opportunity to be the leader in the industry. "The prohibition does not make sense," he said. "Education is the first step, the ban does not make sense and does not work. It is no coincidence that Washington and Colorado were the first states to legislate. Because we met and we informed each other to be able to take the step and speak with the authorities, it was not easy but we did not desist."




The first day of CannaMexico ended with a cocktail led by Cheryl Shuman and Jason Gann, actor of the acclaimed North American series 'Wilfred'. The attendees were able to share a table with both Hollywood personalities, in a meet-and-greet that was part of the networking cocktail where, in addition, they could witness the exhibition of medicinal plants, Secretos al Descubierto (Secrets Discovered).




Legalization is a step that will leave a firm footprint

to remove stereotypes and provide a first world culture.

CannaMexico is the forum for opportunities

and awareness for a Mexico without violence.




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and let's continue breaking paradigms!



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